sonohito (sonohito) wrote in provo_singles,

First Entry

Hello all! I have created this community for all those like myself who are non-mormons that are single, and unable to find many of which do not perscribe to that belief system. Im not trying to snag down any particular religion. Though this community would best serve those who are pagan, if you would put "other" in that small box, or are otherwise not religous. I bet there are a few out there like myself seeking someone that will not preach to you, and are single. please feel free to join and post. In a short while i will have a basic format on how to post about yourself and a moderated system on how to safely send/receive contact info.

As a note, this is not a community to flame one belief or another, there are plenty of other communities for that. This is just for single non-mormon/christian people seeking the like that do not enjoy being charged huge amounts of money for slim results.
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